Hickory Hill - About Us

Residential Living

Residential living is an option for individuals who can do most everything for themselves, and may even still have their own car - which is welcomed here. This resident is someone who just wants the freedom to enjoy retirement with others of their own age without the responsibilities of meal preparation, home upkeep, yard work, and housekeeping. Then, if needed, they can receive assistance with one Activity of Daily Living (ADL) while still retaining all their independence. Monthly rental includes all personal supplies.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is an option for individuals who require a little more assistance with their activities of daily living, need additional supervision, or want the security of having help available 24 hours a day. Our monthly fee includes all personal and most medical supplies.

Memory Care

Hickory Hill is family-owned and operated and has taken inspiration in many areas from family members.  Our memory care wing is a perfect example.  Our Administrator’s father was a victim of Alzheimer’s disease and the “Van Hattem Wing” is named for him – Richard W. Van Hattem.  It is a lovely, carpeted wing with wide hallways and large windows to bring as much of the outdoors in as possible.  It was designed with the specialized care in mind that this population requires.  More…


At Hickory Hill Retirement Community we always love meeting new people who are interested in possibly joining our community. We offer different rates depending on the level and type of care needed. Our rates are very competitive and we are always willing to answer questions you or your family member may have. If you would like to pre-qualify please see our Pre Admission Application page.

The inspiration of the Hickory Hill Retirement Community came through my parents and their parents before them. These loved ones enjoyed their final years in the Holland Home of South Holland, Illinois. They first lived as independent residents and then gradually an assisted living environment was necessary. While both elegant in design and exceptional in personal care, the Holland Home was also located in the community near friends and family.

During this period of time I saw the need for such a home in our community. Hickory Hill was created to serve families in Southside Virginia so they could be close to loved ones. My family and I have lived in this community for over 40 years and built the retirement home on our land in 1999. We have owned and operated Hickory Hill since that time.

Upon entering Hickory Hill you have the feeling of warmth, coziness and contentment. You will more than likely want to linger at our bird aviary in the beautiful reception area. If you happen to visit at mealtime you cannot escape the aroma of wonderful food. The living rooms are bright and warm and you will feel like pulling up a chair for a visit with friends and family.

Your loved ones will be proud to say

"Hickory Hill is my home!"