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Our Caring Staff

The professional staff at Hickory Hill is not only trained in accordance with the Virginia Department of Social Services' regulations for assisted living facilities. Their training exceeds these regulations in many instances. Learn more about the Hickory Hill staff below:

Meet Ms. Dee

Administrator Ms. Dee is a college graduate with certification as a licensed assisted living facility administrator. As members of the Virginia Long Term Care Network (VaLTC), she and her assistant complete many hours that go over and above the requirement through two annual conferences each year. She has been members of this organization (and its predecessor) since 1998 and has served many years on the board.

Assistant Administrator

The assistant administrator (also a state licensed administrator) and marketing director has completed college courses in marketing and activities programming for the elderly. She has excelled in previous marketing positions and held the position of a popular radio personality in both VA and TN before coming to Hickory Hill. Her training is the same as that of the administrator.

Director of Nursing

Licensed as An RN/BSN in VA, our director of nursing provides health oversight of all residents and his annual training. These specialized areas include dementia and Alzheimer's disease. He, along with the LPN nurse supervisors, works closely with our two excellent physicians who visit Hickory Hill every week if appointments are needed.

Dietary Food Manager

The dietary food manager is a certified food handler who was trained by the Virginia Health Department. He oversees all special diets, plans weekly menus together with the administrator, and is chief cook in our kitchen. Our kitchen staff receives in-service training in food handling, preparation, health regulations, and safety no less than semi-annually.

Facilities Manager

Security of the building is monitored by our facilities manager. He is licensed as a master plumber and also licensed by the Division of Water as a waterworks and wastewater operator.

Activity Director

The full-time activity director has an associate's degree. Along with her assistant, she attends many training classes throughout the year at Piedmont Geriatric Institute as well as other specialized classes determined by Hickory Hill.

Assistants & Aides

Our resident assistants and registered medication aides must be certified or licensed to work at Hickory Hill. They are required by the state to complete 16 hours of training during their first year and 4 hours of training each consecutive year in the care of residents with cognitive impairments (dementia). At Hickory Hill, we require in-service training once every month for our nursing team, covering all areas of nursing duties, safety, and ethics, as well as medication management updates.