Assisted Living

Assisted living is an option for individuals who require some assistance with their activities of daily living, need additional supervision, or want the security of having help available 24 hours a day.

Those Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) requiring assistance as defined by the Department of Social Services, Licensing Division, and Commonwealth of Virginia are:

Hickory Hill assisted living residents will receive daily personal assistance with hygiene and grooming as needed, as well as with two or three of their ADL’s. An Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is developed from the resident’s initial assessment by Hickory Hill along with information from family members and is commonly referred to as the care plan. The resident care plan is the tool which our dedicated and professional team of licensed and certified nurses use to provide 24-hour, 7-days per week assisted living care.

As a resident's needs increase, and the ISP reflects the necessity of assistance with four or more of the above ADLs, the status of the resident is then elevated to Intensive Assisted Lliving.

Hickory Hill Retirement Community's purpose is to provide peace of mind to families, with the knowledge your loved one's needs are being met by a loving, compassionate and professional staff.