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Hickory Hill Retirement Community

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Couple Being Served Dinner

Dining at Hickory Hill

Why do our residents wear smiling faces and have a happy demeanor? It is because mealtime is one of the most pleasant experiences of their daily routine. From the elegantly set dining tables to the background music of the "big bands," the Hickory Hill dining experience is truly a time for relaxation and fellowship. Our dietary staff takes great pride in lovingly preparing residents' favorite dishes. You need only ask, and your request will find its way to the following week's menu.

Tasty Food

Our menu selections are nourishing, appealing, and satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. The potatoes are the "real thing," as are the breakfast eggs. Additionally, very few items come from a box or a can. Our cooks enjoy preparing delicious meals from recipes, including our homemade desserts. An alternate is always available for those who cannot eat what is featured at a particular meal.

Guests Are Welcome

Guests are always welcome to dine at Hickory Hill with their loved one for a minimal fee with advance reservation. We encourage families to plan a "special dinner" or birthday party, and we will gladly assist you with these arrangements.